Thick double ended cosmetic pencil


Thick double ended cosmetic pencil is available in two variations: single and double sharpened. This solution has a wide range of combining shades. It also gives many possibilities of application and meets other client preferences.
Our 2-in-1 thick duo pencil has gained great popularity both as Eyeliner combined with Eyeshadow and Lipstic combined with Lip Pencil. For multifunctional use of one product we also propose  2-in-1 eyebrow highlighter combined with eyebrow pencil. Depending on the seasons we offer variety of colour mix.

Product length: 155 mm

Diameter: 10,9 mm

Grammage: 3,6 g

S1 – transparent cap

S2 – black cap

S3 – color cap

S4 – metallised cap

S5 – smoky cap